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I am extremely grateful to Brian Schenk; his client-centered approach to my legal matter delivered a very positive—successful—outcome. Mr. Schenk approached my situation with considerable empathy, endeavoring to understand the legal issue from my perspective, and then developing a solid strategic concept backed by substantial legal research and precedent, to achieve positive results.

My situation can be summed as a series of missteps taken by the Army that prejudiced my career. I received an inaccurate OER that prevented me from promoting to the next rank. Despite repeated attempts to have this inaccuracy corrected, the OER remained in my file. Mr. Schenk’s actions helped me to have that OER removed, and have the Army address the injustice it caused.

- Commissioned Officer, US Army.


5.0 stars

Brian was my fiercest advocate during my formal medical board proceedings. He was knowledgeable but also understood the dynamics of the board!! Well prepared I NEVER worried about deadlines being missed or the wrong paperwork being submitted. He addressed my case in a manner that was not only clear and firm but allowed me to have a voice in the telling of my story!
— Tiffany, via Avvo

Thank you so much for representing me today. I understand that its in your line of work but you made me feel like you did this from your heart and that shows passion for what you do. Win or lose you gave me the confidence that I will come out on top and for that I am ever so grateful. Safe travels back to Minneapolis and thank your wife for allowing me to borrow you for court.
— K.S., (Army Discharge Review Board matter)

So helpful and professional
5.0 stars

From the very first call, I could tell that he would be a great consultant for my case. Even before officially hiring Brian, he was very invested in my issue, which made me want to hire him as my lawyer. The documents he has prepared look very professional and organized. I don’t understand a lot of the lawyer terms but Brian was able to explain all the details and was very patient with me. Super friendly guy and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him.
— Jim, via avvo

Best attorney for the Job!!
5.0 stars

Brian did an outstanding job. He was professional, diligent, and very thorough. I can’t imagine going through this arduous process with anyone else. Trust him, depend on him, and rely on him. He won’t let you down.
— -Angela, via Avvo

Invested, Caring, and Intelligent Lawyer.
5.0 stars

Mr. Schenk worked on a case I had that involved ROTC at my university. The situation ended up being very complex and drawn out, but Mr. Schenk was outstanding throughout it all. It was intimidating trying to deal with all legal system processes, but he explained things very clearly to me and made things easy to understand. He was always available to contact about any questions that I had, and he responded quickly. He always made me feel like he was invested in my case, and his hard work and communication really made the difference for me. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs a military lawyer.
— Amanda, via Avvo

Military Administrative law?...this is the lawyer you want!
5.0 stars

When your matter involves legal review of military personnel actions or Corrections Boards, you need look no further. I am a 30 year Army Special Forces NCO. In my case I retained legal services in order to correct numerous flaws in Army Administrative Bureaucracy which violated their own laws and numerous administrative rules. Injustices and regulation violations which effected my military career. Brian’s experience and knowledge focuses precisely on this niche area of legal practice. Mr. Schenk is patient with his clients explaining the process, gathering the relevant details and supporting evidence down to minutia. He then formulates the arguments which have the highest likelihood of success and drafts the facts both comprehensively and succinctly into his legal brief making the errors logical and obvious. His work is extremely detailed and shows hours of analysis and research. The tiered legal forums, processes and various levels of appeal can be be lengthy time consuming. Mr. Schenk will strongly advocate for you for the long haul and be relentless in correcting injustices in your file. He is very sympathetic of the financial implications and constraints that clients are placed in order to tackle Government agencies.
If you are or know of military members who need this type of assistance, turn them Mr. Schenk’s way. Don’t make the mistake of not contacting Brian first.
My case is not yet complete. However, thanks to his hard work, thorough knowledge of military and administrative law, and his superb attention to detail, the many errors and injustices contained in my military records were exposed and removed from my official military record...all with accordant back pay and other entitlements!
— SFC K. US Army Special Forces, via Avvo

5.0 stars

Brian Schenk was the primary author for all legal filings on my BCMR appeal through the DC court system over a five plus year period. Unique ability to capture the messages and key points of law. He’s earned my highest recommendation. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.
— BCMR Appeal, Anonymous, via Avvo

Brian was fantastic in distilling a very complex situation into a clear salient case that was easy to understand and argue. His patience and diligence was invaluable!
— Major C., USAFR

Excellent attorney.
5.0 stars

I hired Brian to help on a security clearance and GOMOR (general officer memorandum of reprimand) and I can not express how great of a job he did.

I have went through several attorneys in family court (3 to be exact) and have never had as good of representation than I got with Brian.

HIGHLY recommend to anyone seeking an attorney
— Anonymous, via Avvo