Why Midwest Military & Veterans Law?


Mr. Brian Schenk founded Midwest Military & Veterans Law with the goal of providing value-conscious representation for service members in every status and every service branch.  Mr. Schenk is committed to providing the best possible value for his representation.  Mr. Schenk begins with a free initial consultation.  He will discuss your case with you and make every attempt to devise a strategy that avoids any unnecessary expense but still provides the best chance at success

Personal attention

Unlike many firms that are located in high-cost areas of the country, Mr. Schenk will not “outsource” your case to any other attorney, intern or paralegal.  When you hire Mr. Schenk, he personally attends to your case at every stage.

Worldwide representation

In most instances, Mr. Schenk is able to represent clients located all over the world.  If you are anywhere stateside or overseas, do not hesitate to call or email.



Mr. Schenk has devoted over fourteen years of his life to helping current and former military members of all branches reach their legal goals.  He has worked on numerous cases, in nearly every topic area, at every level. His unique distinction as an expert in the nuanced field of judicial review of military decisions gives his clients a unique advantage. 

Here’s why: most likely, your case will end up before the board for correction of military records (BCMRs)—the highest level of administrative appeal for military personnel matters.   Each service has such a board and each board has broad statutory authority to correct "errors or injustices" in your records.  BCMR decisions are subject to judicial review in federal court and are largely controlled by federal court case law.  In many instances, success at the BCMR level hinges on how well your attorney leverages federal precedent.  





The list of issues the BCMR can fix is seemingly endless. Whether you seek to challenge Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) findings, were disenrolled from an academy or scholarship program, passed over for promotion, issued stigmatizing discharge documents, issued an illegal fitness report or evaluation, or denied medical disability retirement, chances are eventually you must apply to the BCMR or, in some cases, proceed directly to the United States Court of Federal Claims. 

There is a lot at stake.  Many cases involve claims for back pay, retroactive disability retirement pay, educational debt relief, or access to important benefits for members and their families.  You need an attorney who understands the process.

Achieving success at the BCMR level can be difficult, especially if your case is complicated and you choose to represent yourself.  Although they proceed under the guise of “equity” and “justice” BCMRs can take an anti-applicant stance.  Fortunately, BCMR decisions are subject to judicial review in federal court and there is a complex, nuanced body of federal case law that drives BCMR behavior.  Thus, it is imperative that the attorney you choose to represent you studies and understands trends in governing case law. The BCMRs know the law.  You need someone who does too.

Midwest Military & Veterans Law and Brian D. Schenk are also committed to making the BCMR work better for its applicants and engages in efforts to reform the BCMR process at the Congressional level.